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          There was once a farmer who had a large field of com. He worked on it with the ___1___ care, but the com was dying ___2___ there had been no rain for a long time. He felt very ___3___.

          One day, as he stood looking up at the sky, two little raindrops saw him. One said to the other, “Look at that farmer. I feel very sorry ___4___ him. He works so hard in the field, but now it ___5___ up. I wish I might help him.”

          “Yes,” said the other, “___6___ you are only a little raindrop. You can’t wet ___7___ one plant.”

          “Well,” said the first, “I know I ___8___ do much, but perhaps I can cheer him a little. I’ll go down to show my support, if I can’t do ___9___ more. Here I go!”

          The second one said, “Well, I think I can do that, ___10___. Here I go!” So down went the two raindrops. One fell on the farmer’s nose, and the other on a thirsty plant.

          “What’s that?” The farmer cried, “___11___ raindrop! I do believe we’ll have a shower (阵雨) soon.”

          By this time other raindrops had seen what ___12___ did. One said, “If you two are doing such a good job, I shall follow!” And down it went. “And I!” said ___13___. “And I !” they all said, until a whole shower went down and the corn ___14___ all because one little raindrop tried its best ___15___ what it could.

      1. A. great   B. greater  C. much greater D. greatest

      2. A. because  B. where    C. when  D. if

      3. A. sad   B. sadder    C. sadly  D. sadness

      4. A. of   B. on     C. for  D. with

      5. A. dry   B. is drying  C. dried  D. was drying

      6. A. but B. so     C. and  D. though

      7. A. just   B. only    C. even  D. yet

      8. A. needn’t   B. shouldn’t   C. mustn’t D. can’t 

      9. A. something  B. everything   C. anything D. nothing

      10. A. also   B. too     C. either  D. neither

      11. A. A B. An     C. The  D. /

      12. A. you   B. they    C. it D. he

      13. A. others B. the other        C. the others D. another

      14. A. save   B. saved    C. is saved   D. was saved

      15. A. do   B. doing    C. to do  D. did


      DAAC B    ACDCB   ABDDC  


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